My Approach

“If someone speaks, it gets lighter.”  Sigmund Freud


I offer online psychotherapy for adults struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional distress, relationship issues, parenting concerns and difficult life transitions. “Talk therapy” can reduce emotional distress, alleviate suffering, lessen anxiety and decrease depression. Therapy encourages personal growth and opens up new life possibilities.

I believe the past lives on in the present. Our earliest life experiences and important relationships provide a model for how the world works. Many times, we continue to apply old patterns to new situations, even when they no longer work or cause great pain. It’s natural to keep doing what we know. Working online together offers the chance to explore, understand and change your life.


1. Therapy is a conversation unlike an ordinary conversation
2. Introspection can change lives
3. Choosing your therapist is a personal decision and needs to feel right
4. I have a deep respect for the healing power of therapy and faith in the process


I am a compassionate therapist who provides a nurturing, safe online space to bring symptom relief and healing. I work with adults seeking help for:

  • anxiety, depression and other mood concerns
  • emotional distress related to relationships, infidelity/separation/divorce, parenting challenges, empty nest, aging family members, caregiving, acute or chronic illness
  • women’s issues including pregnancy, motherhood, self-esteem, identity changes, body image, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy loss
  • trauma, grief, loss, bereavement
  • overall life dissatisfaction